BimCoin Terms And Conditions.

By clicking this page you demonstrated that you read and agreed to the terms and conditions of BimCoin and all its services as stated below:

1) You agreed that BimCoin is nothing but a digital currency, CryptoCurrency and a token. Not visible or physical currency, Never fiat or hard currency but flows and in circulation in the web and internet through computers.

2) You agreed that the BimCoin Initial Coin Offering into circulation was free distribution and never on sale or for sale to anybody by BimCoin Project team and as such the amount of BimCoin you got from the Initial Coin Offering was freely distributed and given to you base on your demands.

You agreed that you got involved in the donation excises in a good and right frame of mind, not under any compulsion or of necessity but a cheerful giving as and to support BimCoin for the processing and automatic crediting of the free BimCoins given to you and to your wallet.

4) You agreed that your donations of $1 and above was to support the process and the automatic distribution of the free 100,000BIMCoins and above freely given to you, And that your donations of any amount from $1 and above is in no way an exchange or a selling price for the BimCoins of 100,000BIM and above you freely obtained.

5) You agreed that BimCoin was never sold to you at any time during the free distribution but was freely given to you, that BimCoin and BimCoin team is not responsible and will never be held responsible for what happens to your BimCoins as an effect of market fluctuations and devaluations that happens on BimCoin, that your gains or losses, profits or dividends fortune or lost that happens on and to your BimCoins or that happens to you as a result of you owning BimCoins do not in anyway concern The BimCoin Team.

6) You agreed that any theft or lost that happens to you or to your BimCoin do not in any way concern the BimCoin and BimCoin Team, that you only is held accountable for the security of your BimCoin. That you only is accountable for your negligence in losing your BimCoin in anyway at anytime.

6) You agreed that you have no right in anyway to hold BimCoin and BimCoin Team responsible legally for anything that happened to you, your funds and to your BimCoin, that you have no right to legally hold BimCoin and BimCoin team responsible for any theft, loss, gain, profit, fraud, interest that happened to you or to your BimCoin.

7) You agreed that you do not have any right in anyway to take legal actions against BimCoin and BimCoin Team for anything and for any reason at anytime.

8) You agreed that upon your sign up and registration of your names and other details about you, you have signed that this terms and conditions serves as a legal agreement between you and BimCoin and BimCoin Team.

9) You agreed that you were able to participate in the BimCoin free distribution and in anything about the BimCoin because you have read, understood, accepted and agreed to this BimCoin terms and conditions, and that these represented and serves as your signature on this agreement, and that you filled and submitted your names and details by yourself as evidence to this agreement also.

10) You agreed that you with your own hand submitted this document to BimCoin and BimCoin Team and that it represented your agreement with BimCoin and BimCoin Team.