Follow these steps:

Step 1:

Go to MyEtherWallet and choose the option for Send EtherTokens.

Step 2:

Choose private key as your option (unless you have other preferences) and paste your MEW private key on the space provided.

Step 3:

Fund your myetherwallet with ethereum. You can transfer Ethereum from anywhere you have it before or You can buy ethereum from or any other exchange you know.

Step 4:

Click on Unlock; to access your wallet

Step 5:

Enter the BIMCOIN Contract address for ETH here on the To Address field.

Step 6:

Enter the amount of ETH you want to donate.

Step 7:

The gas limit is usually automatically determined by MEW but if you want to manually input an amount you can set the gas limit to 200,000 (recommended).

Step 8:

Click on Generate Transaction.

Step 9:

Click on Send Transaction.

Step 10:

Once you are sure the address is correct, click on Yes, I am sure. Make transaction!

That's it! You have successfully sent your ETH donation for the BIMCOIN project. The BIMCOIN will be sent to the ETH address from which the donation was sent from

Optional: Confirm your ETH were sent

Copy your transaction hash from your wallet and paste it in the search bar of You should first see the transaction as pending.

After a couple of moments (depending on the performance of the Ethereum network), you will see the transaction as submitted.

and a couple of moments later you will see a confirmation

The BIMCOIN is sent to your Ether Address