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We are building a wallet that you can store, trade or even stake your crypto currencies

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Bimcoin Road Map

June 2017
Extensive research on cryptocurrency

We started researching on the core of cryptocurrencies to design a system that is fast and better.

December 2018
Design of core Bimcoin working principles

The core working principles of Bimcoin was initiated and the actual development started.

May 2018
Release of Bimcoin platform

To achieve our dreams, we designed the ultimate Indigenous Decentralised Cryptocurrency Coin; Bimcoin. This is the Biggest Interwealth Movement Coin, the first in Nigeria and in Africa. Initial deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain as ERC20. The first availablity for the masses is made into circulation through Airdrop distribution method and free well donations only.

September 2018
Invention of the 'SELFDROP' terminology.

With the Introduction of the crypto terminology called 'SELFDROP' into the cryptocurrency space for the first time, we believe it will help in the boast of our distributions worldwide. Airdrop was very common and can be easily understood but Selfdrop is a term that is now first introduced into the cryptocurrency space by Bimcoin. The only difference between Airdrop and Selfdrop is; Airdrop are free Bimcoins that can be requested and credited only once for free but transaction charges will be covered by the BIM Foundations and not by you. While; Selfdrop are free Bimcoins that can be requested and credited multiple times at once or severally at will for free as long as it last but transaction charges will be covered by you and not by BIM Foundations.

December 2019
Mainstream adoption by listing and trackings

This is to ensure Bimcoin gain massive adoption worldwide, following a step in the right direction by working towards listing in one of the popular centralised exchange called in agreement only with the Bimcoin community's choice through a majority vote about it and thereby gaining attention of price tracking companies worldwide.

Launch Of BIM GOLD Estate.

We launched BimGold estate to facilitate the fast spread of Bimcoin adoption for the practicable use cases we planned out in our white paper.

Inauguration of Bimcoin marketing team and training centres

We recruited and inaugurated Bimcoin marketing team all across board and establishments of training centres all across for proper grace root education and enlightenment about cryptocurrency and Bimcoin everywhere until Bimcoin is an household name.

Deployment of Bimcoin on Tron Blockchain.

We deployed Bimcoin on the Tron Blockchain as TRC20 for more adoption and cheaper transaction charges for our stakeholders who are lovers of Tron Blockchain. The Bimcoin TRC20 is being used for major Bimcoin functions and operations and use cases like the Bimcoin Selfdrop, and the Bimcoin Selfdrop Raffle draw etc in other to present massive opportunities to our stakeholders.

Deployment of Bimcoin on Binance Blockchain Smart Chain.

We deployed Bimcoin on the Binance Blockchain as BEP20 for more adoption and cheaper transaction charges for our stakeholders who are lovers of Binance Blockchain. The Bimcoin BEP20 is being used for major Bimcoin functions and operations and use cases like the Bimcoin automated liquidity and swap providing functions.

Listing on Decentralised exchanges.

Bimcoin is listed on; 1) Pancakeswap for Bimcoin BEP20 users and holders, 2) Justswap for Bimcoin TRC20 users and holders, 3) Uniswap for Bimcoin ERC20 users and holders, this is to be able to interact with majority of Dapps that are specifically built on this chains for automated liquidity and swap providing functions which makes it easy for Bimcoin to be swapped to other cryptocurrency of its nature on those respective Blockchains at anytime.

October 2021
Launch Of Bimcoin Massive Upgrade on

All major functions already achieved and completed to be activated gradually for use are;

  1. 1. Bimcoin Secure wallet
  2. 2. Bimcoin Decentralised Exchange
  3. 3. Bimcoin Centralised Exchange
  4. 4. Bimcoin Market Place
  5. 5. Bimcoin ecosystem
  6. 6. Bimcoin APIs
  7. 7. Bimcoin Blockchain

We altogether move into our Blockchain mainnet that is currently in her test-run mode, you will see all on once it goes live for public. There is cross- chain functions for everyone from our Currently run ERC20, TRC20 and BEP20 to The Bimcoin Blockchain Mainnet. It wouldn't be at once and it wouldn't stop or negatively affect any ongoing operations on every or any platforms where our stakeholders can be found.

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