Our mission

BimCoin is the new world token for wealth exchange

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With BimCoin, we want to achieve the following:

Transferring wealth from Fiat (Centralized) to Crypto (Decentralized).

Transferring wealth from the older generation to the newer generation.

Transferring wealth from the rich to the poor and vice-versa thereby dissolving wealth inequality in reducing gap between the rich and the poor all across.

Transferring wealth from one place to another at little or no cost.

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Excellent, Secured and Easy Wealth Transfer


Unlimited Transactions

Unrestricted, no government controls your transaction nor monitor it. BimCoin provides total freedom and thus allow you to transact beyond borders.



We put your security above every other thing. At Bimcoin, we believe that every transaction should be secured and hack-proof. We prioritize the security of your wealth.



Your security is guaranteed as the transactions are carried out on the Blockchain. Each transaction can be verified, authorized and follow a given encryption pattern.


Wealth Exchange

Bimcoin serves as a means of exchange thus can serve as a reliable means of settling debt, paying for goods and services and passing on value


Purchase and settlement

Are you looking for a seamless way to make purchase or receive payment for goods and services? Bimcoin will serve you. We designed the coin to serve as a perfect transfer of wealth and so can be used for purchase.


Perfect store of value

Because we leverage on the Blockchain, we are secured. Bimcoin serves as a perfectly secured store of value.

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Facts in digits


Possible Users

Supported countries
Some facts

Initial Coin Offering

Amount of Bimcoin tokens 100 000 000 000 000:
80% ICO (freely given on donation)
15% team
5% Operation cost

See White paper

The above distribution strategy will allow us to innovate and maintain the platform to achieve maximum efficiency
1,000 BIM can be gotten by donating $1 to the project.

Our special way

Bimcoin Road Map

June 2017
Extensive research on cryptocurrency

We started researching on the core of cryptocurrencies to design a system that is fast and better.

December 2018
Design of core Bimcoin working principles

The core working principles of Bimcoin was initiated and the actual development started.

May 2018
Release of Bimcoin platform

To achieve our dreams, we designed the ultimate coin; Bimcoin. It is available at a donation of a small fee.

September 2018
Release of core 2.0

We are constantly taking note of the best option for the project and will release a more stable code in he last Quarter of the year
And we would have build and launch BimCoinXchange.cc where you can exchange Fiat Currencies To BimCoin and other Crypto Currencies and vise versa just like Remitano.com And BimCoin will be listed on some other external exchange also where you can trade BimCoin

Jan 2019
mainstream Bimcoin iterations

We will continue to support Bimcoin and find better ways to iterate the core to be faster, more secured and safer.
And we would build and launch more additional exchanges to make more easier and convenient BimCoin conversion.

Our process

How it works

Extensive research and identification of problems
Core design and cryptography
Tokens Release
Design iteration
Core 2 design
System maintenance and upgrades

Bimcoin Token

Bimcoin Token
Type :
General release:
100,000,000,000,000 BIM
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General description

Bimcoin will be released on the basis of Ethereum platform and fully comply with ERC20* standard.

Support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration.

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Have any questions?

What is the full meaning of BimCoin

Biggest Inter wealth Movement Coin

What is the working principles

Free donations only, for a donation of at least 1USD to 1,000BimCoin to support the growth and sustainability of the token.

How many coins in circulation

100,000,000,000,000 BimCoins.

What is the sustainability for the steady growth and stability of the coin.

BimCoin will have at least five different modernized built exchanges craftily configured and applicable at different cases of exchanges...E.g Fiat to crypto exchanger, crypto to crypto exchanger and mobile wallet, all built for BimCoin proper functionalities.

Will BimCoin be listed on other existing exchanges

Yes! BimCoin will be listed on at least five popular and reliable already existing exchanges.

What is the main goal of BimCoin

The main goal is Excellent, Secured and easy wealth transfer and exchanges. Exchanges will never be a challenge to BimCoin, whatever bimcoin you have will and can be exchanged to any Fiat and crypto currencies easily and conveniently anytime and any day. Any Fiat and crypto currencies can be exchanged to BimCoin too.

What are the ultimatum achievements of BimCoin Transferring wealth from Fiat (Centralized) to Crypto (Decentralized). 

Transferring wealth from the older generation to the newer generation.

Transferring wealth from the rich to the poor and vice-versa thereby dissolving wealth inequality in reducing gap between the rich and the poor all across.

Transferring wealth from one place to another at little or no cost.

Is there a sale of initial Coin Offerings for BimCoin

No! The Initial Coin Offering Of BimCoin is a free distribution.

Will I be able to trade BimCoin at any exchanger

Yes! That is our primary solution. Ability to trade it anytime and anyday.

Can I mine bimcoin.

No! All BimCoins will only be distributed and passed into circulation at the free Initial Coin Offering distribution.

Can I donate more than 1USD to support BimCoin and get more free BimCoin

Yes! Every 1USD BimCoin attracts 1,000 free BimCoins. And you can donate more than 1USD at once and get more than 1,000BimCoins at once.

BimCoin will champion a Massive Global Wealth Transfer therefore becoming a tool for The Greatest Wealth Transfer In The History Of Mankind.

Glorious Emmanuel
CEO, Bim-Hopfan Global Resources LTD

This is the way forward for the rich man, and this the rising hope for the common man. This will liberate the poor and sustain the rich at the same time.

Love Akin
CEO, 360IctNetwork.

This is the solution we have all been waiting for, to bring visions and visionaries alive once again and raise new generations of Billionaires, The shift and the dominance is now with BimCoin. This is a sure word of prophecy come true.

Prophet Kayode Asawe
Founder/President, City Of God Prayer Ministry.

I thought we had it all, until BimCoin showed up! This is the most effective strategy of the season for the liberation of the poor and the ease up measures for the rich.

Dr. Kayode Komolafe
Senior Lecturer, Federal University, Oye-Ekiti.

I expect faithfulness in BimCoin to deliver the best it promised because it has given us hope and chances to smile again in such a time as this in our dear country and also I do know no issues with BimCoin's accountability and in serving us well. We would support all the way that BimCoin's mission prosper because a win for BimCoin is a win for us all.

Omolola Mercy

I really have a good faith in BimCoin and I know and hope to one day look at my Fashion houses all over the world and give accolades to BimCoin for giving us such priceless opportunity in reaching out to us and for us investing in it and reaping bountifully.

Fashion Entrepreneur
Adenike Adewole